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Moody and atmospheric platforming

Embark on a quest in search of ultimate power, lying in the hands of a hoarding entity. Between your goal and you lie a series of challenging levels and colorful areas that, despite their harmless and welcoming appearance, will not hesitate to send you back to the starting line if you miss a beat.

With a stripped down, three-button input system, you'll have to master the skills of walking, jumping, dodging deadly hazards, sprinting, gliding and flying... all while on ice! Even the ground you walk on poses a threat!

Key Features

  • PLATFORMING... ON ICE: Originally an entry for an ice-themed jam, the frozen landscapes you'll traverse will have you sliding right into harm's way should you not be careful. Watch your speed and momentum, especially under wind currents!
  • MOVEMENT ABILITIES: Essential to beat the trickier challenges, forcing you to re-think how you move around. Double jump to reach new heights, glide through air streams to increase your maneuverability or sprint at a high speed to clear large chasms!
  • 50 LEVELS: Split up on four different areas, each with their own distinct look and feel.
  • A BETTER FINAL BOSS: Deadlier and nastier than before; he's been re-built from the ground-up to crush you again. Again. And Again.
  • NEW GAME+ MODE: Was the first time too easy? Do you just like suffering? Every level (even the boss!) now has a tweaked, more lethal variant just waiting for you.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS AND SECRETS: Aside from the standard progress and challenge types, there are also cryptic and secret feats that unlock a small bonus game!
  • TIMED MODE: Do you keep your cool if there's small time and death counters staring at you constantly, watching your every move and mistake? What if you couldn't even pause to breathe?


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Really enjoyable platformer.  I really liked that when you got near the text it would go semi transparent.  I am not much into the 2D platformers but this one was fun. The controls felt really nice. The ice sliding and the wind also felt very polished on smooth.

Good job!

I was wondering if someone was going to make an ice platformer for this one! Despite all odds, you actually made it pretty fun. The ice didn't feel overly annoying because of the level design forcing the player to make lots of quick jumps. Really liked the visuals and music as well, got that Celeste vibe going on but in vector graphics form.

The sound effects are playing more in one ear depending on which side of the screen the character is on, which felt kind of odd. The exit image seems to be lower resolution than the other sprites.

The double jump took me a second to figure out because in other games I've played with double jump, the second jump gets you the same amount of speed as the first.

The game is very cool and music is very relaxing and it's good to help getting calm after infinity rage xD , i hope you enjoy my gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BKp2qbgoaE&feature=youtu.be

With Kenney assets in a frozen environment, and with a red-hair girl whose goal is something as simple as collecting gems, one if think it's a casualized version of "Celeste". But that's not the most important, the most important is the difficulty, it seems very easy by all the mentioned, but as the game progresses, if it becomes increasingly difficult to collect gems to move to the next level, but that's a good progress for the difficulty curve, along with power-ups that can help pick up gems that cann't be reached with normal jumps.